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lundi, mars 21, 2016

Open Toni Oblog Frogblog's INBOX with UNREAD MESSAGE of Ada Maybury

Ri̢se and shine sweeِt
i found yr profile via FB !! You are cuͩtٓe.
are you looking f֠or a b00ty call? I just dúmped my ex and don't want anythiṇg serious at the momenͩt . If you have a smoٟot̛h c%ck and thiٍn̦k you can f//ck me all night long, we should chaͅt :-O i took some new selfies in the sh0wer ... wanna s̥ee them? .

the prͣoٝfile is - http://whghkcjt.LambdaDating.ru

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